Saturday, October 12, 2013

Budweiser and the Breakfast Beer suggestion


Two words - breakfast beer. Why not? Screw coffee and orange juice. Gatorade now has a morning beverage. Fast food joints are pushing their breakfast menu big time. The a.m. market is a goldmine! And beer makers need their share of the profit. And I'm not talking about a lame 'Blue Moon' type beer where some loser throws in an orange and calls it breakfast - I say make it twice as potent. After all, what better way to start your day than with some liquid courage to get you through the sales meeting. Why let Kahlua or Jameson or Bloody Mary mixers corner the market on breakfast beverage tomfoolery - beer is better. Toss in some minerals, vitamins, and a bacon aroma and you'll truly be the 'King of Beers.' Imagine - increased sales, thus creating jobs, thus boosting the economy, thus saving the world - in that order! Don't let the conservative fruitcakes dictate your marketing efforts. Breakfast beer. I repeat - breakfast beer. Has a nice ring to it, no? Speaking of a nice ring to it - "Happy Hour - 7am - 10am". Wow. That brought me chills. 
I'm here for you, Budweiser! Although, maybe my intentions are to make me feel less guilty about my tall boy and Cheerios routine every morning.   

Ok - I gave you the best thing since sliced bread - now hook me up with some coupons! 

Peace and happiness, 

Francis Ledbetter
Fort Lauderdale, FL  XXXXX


Hello Francis,

Thanks for getting in touch.  I really appreciate you stopping by the site and sharing your suggestion with us.

I just wanted to shoot you a quick note and let you know that we did receive your e-mail.  I have forwarded it to the correct group for review.  Also, we quite a few ideas on a daily basis.  Please understand that not all of them can be implemented or used.  Our company sets our strategic direction months in advance, and therefore some ideas (even good ones) may not work with where we’re headed.  

Thanks again for getting in touch, Francis.  I wish you all the best and hope that you’ll enjoy the crisp, clean taste of an ice-cold Budweiser sometime soon!  Please let me know if there is ever anything I can do for you in the future.

Your Friend at Budweiser
1-800-DIAL-BUD (1-800-342-5283)

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